Mosh Chug, Founder of Catering by Gregory’s.

Mosh Chug, a graduate of McMaster University with a BA in Economics, began work as Junior Accountant. However, the desire to connect with people and the variety of challenges presented daily in the food service industry lured him away from a desk job.

As a founder of Catering by Gregory’s, Mosh brings in depth food industry knowledge, extensive experience, creativity, passion and vision for customer centric service to the benefits of team. As Mosh is now retired from day to day operations, he still provides mentorship to the Catering by Gregory’s team.

Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Nesbitt Burns and the Bank of Montreal for 1999, Mohanjit (Mosh) Chug, owner and operator of Catering By Gregory’s takes great pride in his work.

Mr. Chug began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 11, with extensive paper routes and canvassing for the Toronto Star.

In 1972, Mr. Chug embarked on his career development in the food and beverage industry, working part-time while attending school. Mr. Chug’s experience working through all levels from dishwasher to Restaurant Manager would prepare him for his future endeavors.


1979-1980 Managing Partner: Pizza Pizza Franchise

1980-1981 Assistant Manager, Obies Restaurant, Etobicoke

1981-1984 Manager, Obies Restaurant, Etobicoke

1984-1986 Owner/Operator: Duddley’s Family Restaurant, Brampton

1986-1990 Managing Partner: Chicken Thief Restaurants, Toronto, North York, Markham

1990-1993 Manager, Embers The Banquet Specialists, Scarborough

1992-1995Owner/Operator: Gregory’s Deli and Restaurant, Brampton

1995- Present Owner/Operator: Catering By Gregory’s, Brampton


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